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Getting to know datacenter employees: Sonam Prasad

Microsoft’s success depends on our people. We are proud to introduce some of the talented folks in your community who work in our global datacenters. Discover what inspired them to seek a career in the tech industry, the different pathways they pursued, and what a day in the life of a datacenter employee looks like.

Introducing Sonam Prasad

Datacenter Technician Manager

Auckland, New Zealand

Employee since January 2023

Early days

Sonam was born in Fiji, where she had a vibrant upbringing with her parents, brother, and sister. Her childhood was filled with the rhythm of classical dance and competitions. Amidst her books, Sonam found a love for information technology, drawn to its uniqueness and challenges. However, as her career journey unfolded, she discovered a passion for coaching, mentoring, and connecting with people. Now, Sonam has called New Zealand home for 13 years, sharing it with her husband Alvin, 10-year-old son Avaan, and 8-year-old daughter Aanvi.

The path to technology

For 11 years, Sonam worked in the telecom world of Auckland, New Zealand. The field was competitive, but she worked to learn and grow while managing her family. Her husband supported her career aspirations and stepped in to care for their kids when needed.

Under the guidance of an inspiring leader, Gemma Newman, Sonam stepped into the role of a Business Provisioning Specialist. Gemma helped her see the bigger picture, identify her capabilities, and set clear goals. This was the turning point when Sonam realized her true calling: to motivate, support, and create a great work environment.

As she focused on this aspiration, Sonam stepped into a people leadership role, embracing the learning journey it offered, and successfully attained the position of Datacenter Technician Manager for Microsoft. Sonam describes her journey as a testament that dreams, no matter how big, can be achieved with resilience, dedication, and the courage to push past one’s limits.


Sonam’s areas of expertise revolve around creating a positive and supportive environment for her team. She excels in being readily available to provide the necessary support and communication they need. One of her specialties lies in fostering a cheerful atmosphere, ensuring that everyone has a smile on their face while maintaining a strong focus on delivering results.

Sonam loves guiding her team members, especially when it comes to their career development. She’s skilled at coaching them, helping them step out of their comfort zones, and building their confidence. Watching them grow and succeed is not only professionally rewarding but also deeply fulfilling for her.

A day in the life

A typical day at work starts with a cup of coffee, and then her team gathers for their daily “heartbeat session.” They discuss the day’s workload, the number of tickets to handle, site-specific support needs, any issues or concerns, and health and safety updates. The day unfolds with catch-up meetings, emails, interviews, and one-on-one sessions.

Sonam’s current favorite task revolves around delving deep into the ticket handling process. She finds great satisfaction in understanding the intricacies of each ticket type. It’s not always easy, but she’s fortunate to have an amazing team.

Favorite childhood food

Sonam’s favorite childhood food is duck curry, paired with dhal (lentil soup) and rice, a dish that her mum crafted to perfection. It’s not just about the flavors; it’s about the cherished memories it brings to mind. Her whole family would come together on Sundays to cook, with everyone lending a hand to help her mum prepare this delectable feast. Those moments of togetherness, laughter, and shared love over a hearty meal are etched in Sonam’s heart, a testament to the simple joys of childhood and the comforting embrace of her mum’s cooking.