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Microsoft in your community

Build the skills to work at our Microsoft Cheyenne datacenters

Join our team by training for a career in technology at the Microsoft Datacenter Academy. Learn about our 4-month training programs in Cheyenne.

Microsoft’s success depends on our people. The Microsoft Datacenter Academy is a collaboration with Laramie County Community College that provides:

• Training and certification opportunities to gain employment at local data centers and the IT industry in the region.
• Hands–on learning in a state–of-the-art computer lab.
• Career mentoring and resume building help directly from Microsoft professionals.
• Scholarships and internship opportunities for those who qualify.

The training is open to all. Visit the Laramie County Community College Course Catalog for more details.

Learn more about working at the datacenter:

Read about the Microsoft Datacenter Technician role from the perspective of Datacenter Academy graduate Orin Herrod

Learn more about working at the datacenter:

Get to know a couple of the most common types of datacenter jobs:

Datacenter technician

Datacenter Critical Environment technician

Datacenter Inventory & Asset Technician

Browse through the current Microsoft jobs available in Cheyenne