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Getting to know datacenter employees: Orin Herrod

Datacenter Employee Spotlight is designed to bring recognition both to DC Techs who went through the Datacenter Academy or support their peers through mentorship and volunteerism. The spotlights also work to illuminate real-life examples of pathways into IT careers and provide potential role models to those looking to access to the digital economy.

Introducing Orin Herrod

Datacenter Technician

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Employee since 2020

Early days

Orin Herrod grew up in Georgia, raised with an older sister and a younger brother. He enjoyed spending time outside and playing video games, and started working after-school jobs as a teenager. Orin’s dad was in the military, and Orin himself was in JROTC in high school, followed by a stint in the Air Force.

The p​​​​​​​ath to technology

After the Air Force, Orin went on to get a bachelor’s degree in sports and exercise science, and was debating his next steps when he connected with Troy Amick from Laramie County Community College (LCCC). Orin realized that IT was a booming industry, and a career change would provide the chance to learn new things and have job security. Orin then enrolled in the Datacenter Academy at LCCC.


Orin notes that his willingness to learn new things helped make his career change successful. “Every night after class, I would study over and over again because I was so determined to further myself.”

Since he was hired to work in the Cheyenne datacenter, one of Orin’s favorite parts of the job has been collaborating with his teammates to solve problems. “The most enjoyable part for me is having everyone throw out their ideas and figuring out how to overcome an issue.”

A day in the life

When Orin arrives at work, he’s given a rundown of what to expect for the day, then starts tackling tickets. Orin enjoys working on “break-fix”, the term for repairs, upgrades, or installation of systems, since it gives him the opportunity to learn and grow when he gets stuck on something. He spends time investigating issues with servers and likes the camaraderie of working with his team.

Favorite childhood food


Orin’s mom is from the Virgin Islands and would make this traditional food of fried dough stuffed with ground beef.