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Microsoft in your community

Making Virginia’s Clarksville Enrichment Complex more energy efficient

Upgrade and modernize local facilities

In Q3FY18, the Clarksville Enrichment Complex received an award of $20,000 from the Microsoft Community Empowerment Fund. These funds will be used to upgrade existing and aged infrastructure to become more energy efficient and allow continued use of the facility to the community for such programs as adult education, after school programs, youth soccer, and YMCA.

This facility provides a number of services to the surrounding community. Through its partnership with the YMCA, the Complex provides on-site fitness accommodations and offers recreational facilities to youth programs. It also has a distance learning center that provides classes like computer literacy and continuing education. As Clarksville has no community college, the Complex acts as a remote campus for people in the area who would otherwise have to drive at least 20 miles to access. All of the programs at the Complex are designed to address distance and continued education as well as health and fitness via the partnership with the YMCA.

Enrich Clarksville with a community hub

This project engages with the Clarksville community, whose members are readily involved in and around the Complex, contributing their time and resources. All of the staff are volunteers who reside in the area, most of whom are retirees. The Complex acts as a central hub and gathering place for the community as they engage with and host events for the American Legion, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and other community associations. The Complex frequently holds events involving local leadership and Microsoft is often invited. In addition, some Microsoft employees are members of the Y and participate in these functions. When the project allows, the Complex promotes volunteerism to assist with labor or specialties in order to keep costs down.

Demonstrate community collaboration

Community meet-and-greets where the public can come and tour the facility will evangelize the project, and YMCA clients may give the tours. While the Y doesn’t provide the education center, they may provide an opportunity to adapt to other educational opportunities. With increased investment, this project can expand its services and provide further support.