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Microsoft in your community

Lane Cove datacenter overview

February 16, 2023

Microsoft has made the decision to no longer proceed with the Lane Cove datacenter development at 706 Mowbray Rd West, Lane Cove North.

For PR related questions, contact the Microsoft Media Hotline: +61 2 8281 3830

November 17, 2022

The datacenter construction site is located on Mowbray Road in Lane Cove North, Sydney in the state of New South Wales.

The value of datacenters

Datacenters provide the physical infrastructure for the technology we depend on at work and in our personal lives. Whenever you open an app on your phone, join a virtual classroom or meeting, snap and save photos, or play a game with your friends online, you are using a datacenter. Local businesses, government, hospitals, and schools rely on datacenters every day to deliver you goods and services.

Community involvement

During the datacenter facility planning process, the community was involved in updating the project design. The result of this work includes the following modifications:

  • 40% reduction in the gross floor area
  • Nearly 50% reduction of the original building height
  • Decision to remove mechanical plant from the rooftop to improve visual aesthetics.

Additionally, as the industrially zoned land will be used for a datacenter, there will be much less traffic movement and activity on site as compared to alternative industrial developments such as a logistics facility or warehouse. Read more details about the community collaboration work in the online report.

Construction timeline

Datacenter construction is currently paused and we will update the community once plans are solidified.

Together with our general contractor, we will take all the necessary considerations to ensure that the environment and community are disturbed as little as possible during the entire construction period. We will keep neighbors informed in advance of construction work. Work will only be performed in strict accordance with the hours determined at planning approval. Construction and demolition works will also be completed in strict accordance with management plans (traffic, construction, demolition, noise etc) as reviewed and approved by council.

Staying connected

  • We will keep the community up to date via the Microsoft in your community
  • For community related questions, contact our community engagement partner at
  • For PR related questions, contact the Microsoft Media Hotline: +61 2 8281 3830