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Continued construction on the data center in Staffanstorp

Project update

Work to equip the datacenter in Staffanstorp continues and there will be higher activity than usual from mid-October 2022 to spring 2023 as we prepare the interior for operations. 

The start of the work will be marked by the building of construction barracks, new parking spaces and spaces for equipment adjacent to the datacenter. The area west of the current building will also be surrounded by a new fence. The work will then take place indoors and we assess that the impact on the surroundings will be negligible. 


Work duration: 

Parking space and barracks – October-November 2022 

Interior installation – end of November – Spring 2023 


Permit update: 

This summer we chose not to apply for an expansion of the capacity for reserve power. This means that the data center does not currently intend to use more capacity for backup power than is already installed and that which there are permits. 


More information will be published on this website on an ongoing basis. 

If you have questions about the datacenter, please write to Questions from the mass media are best addressed to