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Microsoft in your community

Construction starts in Roskilde

In December 2020 Microsoft announced its intention to build a data centre region in Denmark to be powered by 100%  renewable energy, providing Danish customers faster access to the Microsoft cloud, world-class security and the ability to store data in the country. The region will include three new datacenter facilities in Eastern Zealand.

One of these facilities will be located in the business area at Finervej, 4621 Gadstrup, Roskilde.

Our General Contractor John Sisk & Son ApS, intend to start mobilization and will prepare the construction site, start excavation work, and continue construction of the Data Center development commencing from spring 2022.

Together with our general contractor John Sisk og Son ApS, we will take all the necessary considerations to ensure that the environment and community is disturbed as little as possible during the entire construction period as instructed by Roskilde Municipality.

We will keep the community up to date via this website with the latest information. We encourage you to look at the fact sheets and FAQ section when you have specific questions. Our project team will be available to help inform you about the project.

Community related questions can be sent to:

For daily operational questions you can also reach out to the contractor at

For PR related questions Microsoft og pressen – Om Microsoft Danmark

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