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Microsoft jobs at a glance: Datacenter Technician

The role of a Datacenter Technician

  • A Datacenter Technician manages and maintains the hardware infrastructure in datacenters.
  • They set up and configure servers, troubleshoot technical issues, conduct inspections, and handle hardware upgrades.
  • Monitoring tools track system performance, and documentation keeps records of tasks and changes. In emergencies, technicians respond promptly to minimize downtime.
  • Ultimately, datacenter technicians play a vital role in ensuring the efficient and secure operation of the critical systems that store and manage digital information.

What is a datacenter?

  • A datacenter is a building that houses thousands of computer servers and data storage devices connected to the internet.
  • Datacenters are the engine that powers cloud computing. Whenever you open an app on your phone, join a virtual classroom or meeting, snap and save photos, or play a game with your friends online, you are using a datacenter. Microsoft’s online services like Bing, Office 365, Xbox, OneDrive, and Azure rely upon datacenters.
  • The Microsoft cloud infrastructure is made up of hundreds of datacenters and 1 million servers used by 1 billion customers and 20 million businesses in over 90 countries worldwide.

Watch a video about Microsoft datacenters

Key skills and qualifications

  • Completion of High school or Secondary School, an apprenticeship or vocational qualification, or an equivalent.
  • Basic knowledge of computer hardware and components plus experience supporting IT equipment or related technology
  • Problem-solving skills: Quick thinking, attention to detail, and the ability to troubleshoot under pressure are crucial for addressing issues and maintaining smooth operations.
  • Collaborative mindset: Working well within teams, effective communication, and a commitment to safety and protocols are essential for ensuring reliable and secure data center functionality.
  • Technical aptitude: Comfortable working with hardware, interested in learning about networking

Previous career experiences that make great datacenter technicians

While having information technology experience is preferred, many other fields have transferrable skills into the datacenter technician role.  Things like:

  • Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing/Shift work
  • Retail
  • Engineering (electrical and mechanical)
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Healthcare

Why this role is special

Becoming a datacenter technician is a great way to start your career in tech. Microsoft offers a competitive salary and benefits like healthcare, discounts on products and services, new parents, and caregiver leave, and much more. It’s also important that we support your career growth with structured, on-the-job training using the latest technologies.

What our employees say

  • “I love the culture. It’s not going to work but going to a nice place where you make a difference.”  – Emma Yacoub
  • “Having that hands-on work is something I enjoy. When I can build, fix, and help with my hands, I like to think of myself as a computer doctor.” – Manny Flores
  • “I think it’s fun to challenge myself to learn new things and the support I receive really makes it possible to stretch my skills and make a difference.” – Sarah Ward

Join our Microsoft team

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. As employees we come together with a growth mindset, innovate to empower others, and collaborate to realize our shared goals. Each day we build on our values of respect, integrity, and accountability to create a culture of inclusion where everyone can thrive at work and beyond.