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Microsoft in your community

Westover Link datacenter construction update

Project overview

Microsoft is building a datacenter on Westover Link in San Antonio, Texas.

Why datacenters are needed

Datacenters provide the physical infrastructure for the technology we depend on at work and in our personal lives. Whenever you open an app on your phone, join a virtual classroom or meeting, snap and save photos, or play a game with your friends online, you are using a datacenter. Local businesses, government, hospitals, and schools rely on datacenters every day to deliver goods and services to you.

Construction overview

  • Microsoft and its general contractor, Walbridge have begun site clearing and excavation for the project.
  • Our team is permitted for site clearing work through the City of San Antonio and will implement dust mitigation around the site.
  • Together with the general contractor, Walbridge, we are committed to notifying the community of relevant updates during the construction project.

Staying connected

We will keep the community up to date via our “Microsoft in your community“ page at

For construction related questions, please contact:

Matt Haller (Project Manager)

Community-related questions can be sent to

For PR-related questions, contact the Microsoft Media Relations at