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Restoring Singapore as a “City in Nature” by planting 1 million more trees

As part of Singapore’s goal of climate change resilience, the nation is aiming to plant 1 million more trees across Singapore over the coming decade. The Singapore National Parks Board’s (NParks’) OneMillionTrees movement looks to bring nature back into the city with nature-based solutions such as tree planting to transform Singapore from “the Garden City” to a “City in Nature.” To date, more than 442,000 trees have been planted across Singapore as part of this movement.

Over the coming year, Microsoft will contribute 1,700 trees and shrubs in partnership with Garden City Fund, NParks’ registered charity and IPC through the following through the Plant-A-Tree Programme; Green Wave campaign, a planting and biodiversity event for grade school students on the International Day for Biodiversity; and Trees of the World, the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ annual charity event showcasing (through festive lighting) native trees, which will later be planted around the city after the lighting event.

Growing trees for a greener tomorrow

Trees are a central part of Singapore’s climate change strategy, as articulated in the Singapore Green Plan 2030. Mr. Tay Boon Sin, Director of Parks Northwest, National Parks Board, explains: “Each tree planted contributes to the OneMillionTrees movement and brings us closer to realizing our vision of becoming a City in Nature, a key pillar of the Singapore Green Plan.” Trees not only beautify the urban environment, but also play a critical role in resisting climate change. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, increase biodiversity, prevent soil erosion, and provide shade to cool a warming city. “Trees help to enhance the habitats of our native biodiversity, reduce the urban heat island impact and enhance our resilience against climate change,” says Boon Sin.

The OneMillionTrees movement was started to intensify greenery within the city and to educate people on the importance of trees. Microsoft will partner with NParks through the Garden City Fund on several municipal tree-planting and horticulture initiatives, with the goal of planting 1,700 trees and shrubs together over the next nine months.

  1. The Plant-A-Tree Programme is the heart of the effort to create a greener Singapore by enabling individuals and corporations to play an active role in the greening of Singapore. Microsoft will support several tree planting events through June 30, 2023, contributing 500 trees. In addition to funding the effort, Microsoft will arrange for employees to take part in the tree planting events.
  2. Green Wave is a global biodiversity campaign designed to educate and involve children in caring for native plants. At 10 AM on May 22, the United Nations’ International Day for Biological Diversity, children around the world plant and water a locally important and indigenous tree species in or near their schoolyard. This action on behalf of the planet creates a figurative “green wave” from east to west, as each time zone reaches 10 AM.

Microsoft will donate some 1,200 trees and shrubs for the May 2023 event. The plants and tree saplings come as part of a Green Wave tree planting kit, to raise awareness about biodiversity and the importance of conserving our natural environment.

  1. Trees of the World 2022 is the annual fundraising event to support the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Donors and community groups decorate 200 trees throughout the garden to bring festive cheer to visitors during the month of December. After the event, the specially chosen native trees will be planted in nature reserves, parks, and gardens across Singapore in support of the OneMillionTrees movement. This December, Microsoft and community partners will decorate 29 trees for the event. Trees of the World supports the Botanic Gardens’ research, conservation, education, and outreach work.
“We would like to thank Microsoft for their support in planting trees in Singapore under the Plant-A-Tree Programme. Each tree planted contributes to the OneMillionTrees movement and brings us closer to realising our vision of becoming a City in Nature, a key pillar of the Singapore Green Plan. Trees help to enhance the habitats of our native biodiversity, reduce the urban heat island impact, and enhance our resilience against climate change.”
—Mr. Tay Boon Sin, Director, Parks Northwest, National Parks Board

Microsoft is proud to partner with Singapore National Parks Board, through its registered charity Garden City Fund, in its initiative to plant trees across the city and educate the public on their care. Together, these efforts will help revive Singapore’s urban environment with a growing green canopy—and equip the next generation to follow through on the country’s commitment to a sustainable future.

“When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and the seeds of hope.”
—Ms. Wangari Maathai, Winner of Nobel Peace Prize, 2004