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Microsoft in your community

Microsoft Project Impact Report – San Sebastián de los Reyes Rivera del Jarama

Microsoft, in its commitment to environmental sustainability, planted 2,000 trees in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. This project represented an ambitious commitment to change the use and give a new life to an area of land near the Jarama River. By planting trees to restore the Jarama Riverbed, a new green area was created for the local community. The site was selected due to being severely degraded due to a history of intensive agricultural activity. By restoring the area and changing the land use, this project helps to restore the health of the river, and of the surrounding land. After the trees have grown to a suitable size, an Environmental center will be added, which will be used by schools in the area for training and awareness in the field of the Environment.*

Read more about how planting trees in this site is helping restore the health of the river and surrounding communities in this impact report.

*Content on this blog post was sourced from One Tree Planted.