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Getting to know datacenter employees: Lin Yuan

Microsoft’s success depends on our people. We are proud to introduce some of the talented folks in your community who work in our global datacenters. Discover what inspired them to seek a career in the tech industry, the different pathways they pursued, and what a day in the life of a datacenter employee looks like.

Introducing Lin Yuan

Senior Datacenter Technician


Employee since 2017

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Early days

Lin grew up in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu province, China. During her childhood, her interests were reading traditional Chinese fictions such as Wuxia novels and Chinese films such as Martial Arts of Shaolin. In her secondary high school days, Lin liked learning basic computer programming.

The path to technology

In high school, Lin’s teacher taught using the Windows operating system. After graduation, Lin got a chance to emigrate from China to Singapore. After half a year studying English, Lin took an advanced diploma course in Informatics and later graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2006. Prior to Microsoft, Lin worked in VMC as a vendor of Microsoft for her first datacenter job. In 2013, Lin worked as a Deployment Tech in CBRE Singapore, which is a contractor for the Microsoft datacenter in Singapore. In 2017, Lin converted into a GRDS Senior Datacenter Deployment Tech of Microsoft Singapore through Cobalt.


Lin always prides herself in her perseverance and ability to face challenges. “I usually have a life goal in mind and will not get swayed easily or affected.” Lin understands that life and work are not always peaceful and sometimes she needs to face a hard time with perseverance. She can also communicate with peers and customers patiently to understand their perspectives. Lin is grateful that she had a few good mentors who gave her honest feedback and wonderful advice.

A day in the life

Lin takes the light rail and bus interchangeably for about an hour from her home to the office every day. After arriving at the datacenter, Lin takes a quick review of her tickets and emails for the day and sorts out a prioritized to-do list from service requests. She attends a 5-to-15-minute handoff meeting at 8 AM. After that, Lin works on deployment and break-fix tickets until taking about an hour-long working lunch. After chatting with other colleagues during break, Lin will then work from 1 PM continuously until 5 PM. When she gets home, she prepares dinner for her family.

Favorite childhood food

Fried Tang-yuan is Lin’s favorite childhood food. When she would go back to her father’s hometown in Yangzhou city, her grandmother would always ask, “What would you like to eat, my dear?” Lin always answered without hesitation, “Fried Tang-yuan.” This dessert is very crispy and sweet and reminds Lin of incredible memories and happiness from the bottom of her heart.