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Microsoft in your community

Get to know the Microsoft Datacenter Academy

We must ensure every person has access to the technology, skills, and opportunity to pursue in-demand jobs in a changing world.

Microsoft is committed to building inclusive economic opportunity to ensure every person has access to the technology and skills to pursue in-demand jobs in our changing world.

In collaboration with local education partners we created the Datacenter Academy to help job seekers and students pursue these in-demand technology skills.

With 12 Datacenter Academy locations globally, Microsoft provides education partners with guidance on curriculum; donations of servers, laptops, and datacenter equipment for labs; and opportunities for mentorship and work experience in Microsoft datacenters.

The education providers then use the Datacenter Academy program to help build digital skills and provide career pathways in the growing information technology sector for residents of communities where Microsoft operates.

If you know a job seeker or student who may be interested in learning more about becoming a local datacenter technician or is interested in other roles in IT, please visit the Microsoft Datacenter Academy website or contact one of our following education partners.

  • Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake, Washington, US
  • Collinstown Park Community College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Des Moines Area Community College, Des Moines, Iowa, US
  • Estrella Mountain Community College, Phoenix, Arizona, US
  • Glendale Community College, Phoenix, Arizona, US
  • Horizon College, Hoorn, Netherlands
  • Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne, Wyoming, US
  • Northwest Vista Community College, San Antonio, Texas, US
  • ROC Kop van Noord Holland,  Schagen, Netherlands
  • Sandbacka Science Park, Sandviken, Sweden
  • Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, South Boston, Virginia, US
  • Southside Virginia Community College, South Hill, Virginia, US