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Microsoft in your community

Empowering community-based women in Dublin to connect for positive and sustainable change

The vision of the National Collective of Community Based Women’s Network (NCCWN) in Ireland is a just and equal society for women. Their mission focuses specifically on the women in the community who experience disadvantage and marginalization as a result of barriers to participation and lack of opportunities. The Clondalkin Lucan Women’s Network (CLWN), a branch of the NCCWN, is situated in an area with a high number of single-parent homes. Many women who are lone parents find it difficult to locate support or interact with others in the community. Whether they are single parents from varying ethnic or religious groups, immigrants, or women living in poverty conditions, it is critical to connect these individuals to the larger community so they can make positive changes for themselves and those around them.

Creating opportunity for awareness and connection

Microsoft is donating funding to support the CLWN’s International Women’s Day 2020 event on March 8, 2020. With more than 200 women expected to attend, this event will act as an opportunity for the women in the south Dublin area to learn and grow through engagement, skill building, and information sharing around health and wellbeing. As the participants are invigorated to make positive changes in their own lives, this event will have the ripple effect of promoting inclusion and building support capacity within the wider communities.

In collaboration with several other women’s networks, the event will consist of seven workshops focusing on health and wellbeing, of which participants can choose several to attend. Clondalkin Lucan Women’s Network is looking to raise awareness of their front-line service offerings and to connect with women in their community.