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Catawba Science Center: Inspiring learning through new AI exhibit

At the Catawba Science Center, a brand-new interactive exhibit called Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine introduces AI to learners of all ages. Launched through a collaboration between Microsoft and the science technology museum in Catawba, North Carolina, the AI exhibit will introduce museum patrons to a new form of science education that aims to inspire learning about the latest developments in AI.

The exhibit teaches visitors how AI programs operate, through interactive features like sliders, blocks, and puzzles as well as applications that demonstrate neural networks, prediction, pattern matching, and natural language. Many of these features compare and illuminate the similarities and differences between how human brains and AI each process stimulus in the real world. By bringing AI learning to adults and children alike, the exhibit hopes to expand general knowledge of what artificial intelligence is and how it works to a wider audience.

The Catawba Science Center is committed to changing lives and fostering education with science. Through Microsoft’s contributions to the museum’s Portal to Science Program, Catawba Science Center and Microsoft are committed to making science education accessible by offering discounted admission, annual memberships, and scholarships to attend programs including Homeschool Classes and Summer Fun Science Camps.