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Microsoft in your community

Building skills to keep Taiwan’s data safe

In Taoyuan City, Taiwan, a new training program for students and community members aims to support a growing need for skilled technology professionals and fill employment gaps in the local job market.

Far EasTone Telecommunications joined with Yuan Ze University to launch the “5G Cloud Smart Campus” strategic alliance to develop the first Microsoft international certification in Taoyuan City. In the initial stage of this program, Microsoft’s international AI courses will be introduced to train teachers with the hope that they will improve teaching capacity, accelerate cultivation of digital talents, help students learn and earn certifications, and connect graduates with the job market and potential roles.

Yuan Ze University will train 300 students and community members through 10 hours of cybersecurity course content provided by Microsoft and the university. These courses will qualify them to apply for 30 cybersecurity internship positions. Professional internships will help strengthen connections between the university and community organizations to create talent that aligns with industry needs.

A textbook developed by the College of Informatics, Yuan Ze University, and funded by the Far Eastern Memorial Foundation will supplement the coursework. Students will gain skills that qualify them for more opportunities in the job market, and the increase in skilled professionals will support local companies and multinational corporations to better secure Taiwan’s data and infrastructure. All students are trained to take what they have learned during the course and apply it at a job where they can make a difference for the employer.

Yuan Ze University also plans to invigorate career counseling activities and will include employment services like career exploration, job search preparation, resume writing, career trends, and employment matching. Microsoft employee volunteers will also provide employment counselling for students before graduation in July and August, 2023.