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Microsoft in your community

Building job skills in Generation Digital Bootcamps

Digital bootcamps are a valuable resource to create better career pathways and life-changing opportunities for people like you in the London area. With support from Microsoft, Generation delivered three IT Support and Data Analytics bootcamps in 2023.

Generation aims to provide learners in their programs with increased access to stable jobs, better financial opportunities, improved medical benefits, and a well-rounded life balance.

Etienne, a graduate of the June 2023 Data Analytics program, found the bootcamp after his previous job in hospitality ended and he wanted a more secure career path.

“Very quickly in the bootcamp I realized being a Data Analyst was my true calling, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the course,” Etienne said. “It really felt to me like a life-changing experience.”

The bootcamps focus on an end-to-end learning curriculum with an emphasis on mentoring and support for continued success after graduation.

“Our tutor was not only one of the best teachers I’ve worked with, letting us make mistakes and finding solutions together, he was also a fantastic mentor, supporting me throughout and sending me job offers specific to my skills,” Etienne said. “I felt like all the staff at Generation were fully committed to helping me and my cohort colleagues succeed.”

Of the program cohorts, 89 percent graduate and 70 percent are placed into employment in their field. Generation also encourages diversity in the programs, highlighting that 66 percent of the students come from ethnic minority backgrounds and 40 percent are women.

After graduation, Etienne secured a job as a Credit Risk Analyst at 4most.

You can learn more about Generation’s digital bootcamps and how to join one on their website.

“It really felt to me like a life-changing experience.”
—Etienne, Data Analytics bootcamp graduate