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New cycling path is now complete along the Flevoweg near Middenmeer

27 july 2022

The new cycling path near Middenmeer is complete. Cyclists along the Flevoweg are now able to follow the path up to the bicycle tunnel under the A7 motorway to avoid increased traffic and the temporarily closed Cultuurweg. The path also runs over a section of the Harry Immink shell footpath.

6 april 2022

The cycling path along the Flevoweg will be extended up to the bicycle tunnel under the A7 motorway. As a result, cyclists will no longer have to cycle on the increasingly busy Flevoweg.

The new cycle path is being constructed by Agriport A7. Microsoft finances the construction in order to contribute to a safe cycling and walking environment now that the Cultuurweg is temporarily closed due to the construction of the new data center. At the end of January, the municipality gave permission for the construction. The new cycle path and walking path will be ready at the beginning of April.

The new cycle path runs partly over Harry Immink’s shell footpath. In addition to the bicycle path, a new footpath is therefore also being constructed, which connects to the Joke van Leijden footpath.