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Microsoft in your community

Updating curricula for the digital age with RSG Wiringherlant in North Holland

Providing modernized technology curriculum

In 2019, RSG Wiringherlant received an award from the Microsoft Community Empowerment Fund. RSG Wiringherlant is a school for secondary education sitting under a regional school board. It offers education for all children from 12-18 in Hollands Kroon and teaches 1,100 students. The school has strong ambitions to modernize its offerings by implementing new curricula, learning environments, and labs to prepare students (and teachers) for the 21st century and digital age.

RSG Wiringherlant logo

With the consent of the Dutch Ministry of Education and in close cooperation with Microsoft, the school wants to pilot new curricula on digital transformation and sustainability. Funds for this year will go towards the developing robotics and programming initiatives. Also included is budget for laptops to accommodate students from families that cannot afford to buy one themselves. New piloted curricula will be in line with national programs currently under development by Future NL. This will include train-the-teacher programs to prepare staff for the digital 21st century. RSG Wiringherlant is a partner in the development of Campus de Terp.

Developing technological skills and preparing potential employees

This project is a partnership between RSG Wiringherlant school and its school board, and through the school board, the Dutch Ministry of Education. The program also plans have students help design the curriculum to meet local needs. This program is closely allied with Campus De Terp (SSWW) in developing programs and using the facilities—their school joins onto the Campus de Terp facility land. RSG Wiringherlant is interested in aligning their educational tracks to different employment tracks within a datacenter. Agricultural technology solutions can help job and employment opportunities. This project supports all levels of preparation of students for work in the community.

Scaling within the Dutch Ministry of Education

Other under-employed or under-represented groups such as disabled seniors could be considered for retraining once the project is more mature in FY19. The program participants are also very interested in connecting with personnel in Microsoft datacenters for outreach and education. This project will be highlighted in school board meetings and meetings with the Ministry of Education and local municipal governments. This effort will serve as a pilot for other schools, the school board, and the Dutch Ministry of Education. The hope is that the visibility around the project will attract other schools to develop similar programs.