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Microsoft in your community

Improving Quincy community health through smoking cessation program

The Columbia Basin Foundation (CBF), founded in 1996 and based in Ephrata, Washington, focuses its philanthropic efforts on improving the quality of life and shaping the future of the Columbia Basin. It cultivates relationships with donors and other community nonprofits to responsibly distribute funds and spread compassion. Smoking is a costly, harmful habit and is often seen as objectionable. In CBF’s effort to improve public health, the organization determined a smoking cessation program would improve health outcomes for participants, their family members, and the environment.

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CBF developed a regional professional assistance program to fund smoking cessation efforts and smoking prevention campaigns to discourage citizens from starting tobacco use. In addition to traditional cigarettes, the program targets the use of chewing tobacco, snuff, and vaping. The impacts of the program are broad: participants’ own health will greatly improve, as well as the health of others in their households. In the long term, medical costs associated with tobacco use will decrease. Environmental issues worsened by smoking will also improve. Family economics will benefit, as a pack-a-day smoking habit generally costs $3,000 annually. The smoking cessation program is holistic and medically supervised, using group sessions and both prescription and non-prescription assists.

Microsoft invests in the health of its datacenter community by supporting CBF’s efforts

Microsoft awarded CBF a grant of $33,000 through the Community Empowerment Fund to help the datacenter community become healthier and more economically successful. Microsoft will ensure visibility of the project through local publications. Looking forward, Microsoft will continue to support health initiatives and target outreach to typically underserved populations in an effort to further improve the long-term success of the community.