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Microsoft in your community

Canada community investments

Microsoft invests in local programs that benefit people of all ages. In Canada, our collaborations are organized by our focus areas of Skills for Jobs, Enabling Sustainability, and Empowering Communities.

The following program list contains a sample of the investments Microsoft makes on an annual basis.

Skills for jobs

Microsoft believes everyone should have access to the skills, technology, and opportunity they need to succeed in a changing economy.

NPower Canada creates pathways to economic prosperity for Canada’s underserved youth and adults by launching them into meaningful and sustainable digital careers.

  • NPower Tech Skilling FY24 provides upskilling and mentorship for learners to obtain high-quality employment in diverse, professional workplaces where they apply skills gained in the program. NPower focuses on building technical skills to help under and unemployed individuals, particularly people of color, women, persons with disabilities, and others, in the technology sector. NPower partners with Canadian social services providers to identify beneficiaries in need.

Enabling sustainability

Climate change requires swift, collective action and technological innovation. We are committed to meeting our own goals while helping communities to do the same.

Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) advances the science, practice, and policy of ecological restoration to sustain biodiversity, improve resilience in a changing climate, and re-establish an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.

  • Quebec City landfill site restoration project is restoring a degraded and highly disturbed site to the benefit of the environment and to the visitors and nearby inhabitants. The project lot is part of a future nature reserve that is largely covered by mature forest which comprises mixed deciduous and coniferous trees, along with important riparian and wetland habitats. Covering an area of 1.8 ha, the targeted site is a landfill that was active until 2012 and has been used for at least 49 years prior. The landfill has is now overgrown with mainly herbaceous vegetation typical of disturbed soils including several invasive exotic species such as japanese knotweed and exotic phragmites. The topography and plant diversity of the disturbed zone is relatively homogeneous and lacks the complexity that could have been expected prior to the creation of the landfill. This project will restore the area to a near-natural state and create opportunities for recreation.

Empowering communities 

Microsoft is committed to strengthening communities and empowering the organizations that help them thrive. Whether affected by a recent emergency or decades of challenges, we use data, technology, and strategic investments to restore and support them for future generations.

ChangeX International helps to create thriving communities everywhere by democratizing change, ensuring proven innovations and finance are accessible to everyone, everywhere. ChangeX is a community engagement platform that, with Microsoft’s support, has funded more than 500 groups in communities across Europe and the United States since 2015. Funds are repeated often throughout the years.

  • ChangeX  Quebec City Community Challenges make financing, resources, and support available to those who are interested in starting a proven idea, across the themes of community environment and community tech skills, with the aim of strengthening their local community. Supported projects include community or school gardens, revitalization projects, and STEM labs or workshops. Key goals are to launch new local projects in the region around environmental sustainability, digital skills, and community prosperity, contributing to more sustainable, livable, and inclusive communities.